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Monday, January 10, 2011

Blenheim Beach

Blenheim Beach is a small cove just south of Plantation point and is easily accessible from White Sands Walk.

You can join White Sands Walk at the Jervis Street entrance which is less than 300mtrs from Sanddancers Bed and Breakfast.

Blenheim has a  large reserve which is equipped with BBQ's and picnic tables an amenities block and a children's play area which is also an  attraction for families.

"Not another soul in sight, what a beautiful early morning walk"!

Dolphins often swim past Blenheim Beach, these photographs were taken around 8am.

Blenheim beach is a fantastic spot for an early morning walk or swim before breakfast.

Blenheim Beach is on the cycle path which forms part of the White Sands Walk

The waters of Blenheim beach are within the Sanctuary Zone of Jervis Bay  Marine Park resulting in a snorkeling paradise with an abundance of fish and other sea life.
The beach is lined by a beautiful old growth forest adding to its feeling of unspoilt beauty which attracts lots of wild birds.
No line fishing or spearfishing are allowed within the Sanctuary Zone of the marine park.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pebbly Beach

Pebbly Beach is a beautiful spot, we decided to visit especially to see the resident Eastern Grey Kangaroos since our visitor Rhys had never seen a Kangaroo in the wild. We were not disappointed, there were plenty of them around and some Does had Joey's in their pouches.
I never get bored or loose the wonder of how tame the Kangaroos in this area are. There are signs asking the public not to hand feed the Kangaroos as the bucks tend to become aggressive but we saw quite a few people feeding them rabbit pellets without incident.

From Vincentia Pebbly Beach is about 95klm a very easy 1.5 hours to drive which takes you through Fisherman's Paradise, Milton  and Ulladulla,   all small towns which offer interesting stop offs for browsing antique and curio shops with a great selection of cafes

Pebbly beach is set in Murramarang National Park there are plenty of things to do in this coastal park. Apart from beach activities it is also a good place for walking along the coastline or in the forests, cycling, bird watching and general nature study. In the school holidays there are guided walks and other activities.

A crowd enjoying the cool shade.
  On a hot day the Kangaroos here like to venture into the water to cool off, although we didn't see this on our visit.
This group made up of Bucks, Does and Joeys lazed around in the sun on the grassed area although a few were sitting on the sand close to the water. Quite hand tame the Kangaroos allowed us to get close enough to pat them.
This area is also world famous for birdwatchers with an abundance of birds including Rozella's, Gallahs, King Parrots, the vibrant colours and beautiful sounds really make you feel at one with nature.
A large variety of birds dependent on the moist forests include the eastern yellow robin, satin bower bird and the Rufus fantail which visits the park in summer. Lyrebirds are particularly abundant in this area, a good place to see and hear their competitive song and dance courting displays during winter. Also in winter the charming rose robin is a visitor. Sooty oyster catchers, which live and breed primarily on the offshore islands, can always be seen on the rock platforms.

Ethan's first encounter with Kangaroos
 Pebbly beach has a camping area which is tucked into the forest behind the beach. There are 20 sites for tents and campervan's.  The road to the camp site is unsealed, there is no power available and no caravan or long vehicle access.
You can go on a variety of coastal walks, there's plenty to do, including fishing, bush walking, rock platform walks and, nearby canoeing.

The grassy picnic area is near, but separate from, the camping area, and has its own car park. There are four picnic tables within two shelters and information signs. Walking tracks are nearby. Toilets are available with eco flush, signs displayed advise to boil water.

There is wheelchair access to all areas of Pebbly Beach however some areas have tree roots, grassed areas and steep slopes so some assistance may be needed.

There is no commercial area in Pebbly Beach so its advisable to at least take bottled water with you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Scuba diving in Jervis Bay

Underwater Jervis Bay has been compared to the Great Barrier Reef - the spectacular and colourful marine life and vegetation is a major attraction and testament to the pure natural environment that is being protected to preserve one of the country's most valuable icons.

Current visabilty underwater in Jervis Bay is 10 to 15 metres, water temperature is 17 to 19 degrees.
Some of the more popular dive sites include  Bowen Island, Point Perpendicular, The Nursery, Echo Point, The Docks, The Arch, Crocodile Head and Smugglers Cave.

During June to October many divers choose to dive with the seals. The male fur seal can mate with up to 50 female seals a year, the female gives birth to just one pup a year until they die at around the age of 19. The Australian fur seal's diet consists of squids, (its favorite), octopus, crustaceans,  rock lobsters and small fish. It usually hunts a diet of fish made up of Pilchards or Mackerel.

Dive accommodation for groups in Jervis Bay can be found at

Waters inside Jervis Bay are influenced by the warm water flowing south in the East Australian current and the cooler waters flowing North from Bass Strait, These currents enter jervis Bay near Bowen Island and flow in a clock wise direction around the bay before exiting near Point Perpendicular, it can take up to 24 days to completly flush Jervis Bay but with the right tides this can happen much quicker.

Jervis Bay area supports more than 230 species of marine plants and over 216 species of reef fish including blue groper, leatherjackets, wrasse, snapper and bream.
Endangered grey nurse sharks can be found by divers as well as the harmles Port Jackson Shark.

Check out the Australian Marine conversavtion society on face book.

Have we tempted you to dive in Jervis Bay? check out these links - enjoy :-)

Our very first Blog..

Welcome to our very first Blog, If Sanddancers is new to you check out our web site a return link to this Blog will also be available from our site.

In brief, Sanddancers is a bed and breakfast accommodation located in Vincentia, Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast of Australia.

Our Blog will be all about Us, the accommodation, guests, location and surrounding areas, local business and people.

Searching the Internet over the past few weeks we realised there are a lot of sites which showcase the Shoalhaven area but many of these sites have an agenda such as booking accommodation, tours, restaurants, selling real estate etc. The existing travel Blogs we discovered through google search are great however often their subject often has little depth as the writers, being visitors and tourists sometimes miss the hidden secrets the area has to offer, we intend this blog to capture a cross section, in depth, honest and fresh comment about the area we live in, we hope visitors to the Blog will find it informative.
And besides this were told, publishing a Blog can be fun!

If you would like to write a comment or showcase a special place close to your heart in the Shoalhaven area you can send your comments to Lilian at