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Monday, October 18, 2010

Our very first Blog..

Welcome to our very first Blog, If Sanddancers is new to you check out our web site a return link to this Blog will also be available from our site.

In brief, Sanddancers is a bed and breakfast accommodation located in Vincentia, Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast of Australia.

Our Blog will be all about Us, the accommodation, guests, location and surrounding areas, local business and people.

Searching the Internet over the past few weeks we realised there are a lot of sites which showcase the Shoalhaven area but many of these sites have an agenda such as booking accommodation, tours, restaurants, selling real estate etc. The existing travel Blogs we discovered through google search are great however often their subject often has little depth as the writers, being visitors and tourists sometimes miss the hidden secrets the area has to offer, we intend this blog to capture a cross section, in depth, honest and fresh comment about the area we live in, we hope visitors to the Blog will find it informative.
And besides this were told, publishing a Blog can be fun!

If you would like to write a comment or showcase a special place close to your heart in the Shoalhaven area you can send your comments to Lilian at

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